Software to Recover Deleted & Lost DOCX Files

Think about a scenario where in you were working on MS Word 2007. Suddenly your system started rebooting itself repeatedly which closed the MS word tool improperly and created bad sectors on the hard drive. Hard disk with bad sectors will not allow the users to read or write data on those specific sectors. Hence your computer got stuck in between and also it made some erroneous changes to the application files and headers and your desktop stopped responding. Thus you lost all your DOCX files on which you were working including some more files and folders stored on the computer’s hard disk. Losing important files is always a painful situation, the only way to cope with such loss situations is to make use of some effective file retrieval software like document recovery program. This restoration utility will help you to find DOCX file safely and quickly just in a couple of minutes. Software can not only restore lost DOCX files but can even help you to get back deleted PowerPoint files, PDF files, RAR files, ZIP files, Excel Spread Sheets after intentional or accidental deletion.

Microsoft Word is the most popular and expansively used Word processor all over the world. This Word application is the leading text editor for starters as well as for the professionals. The documents which are created by making of MS Word tool will save the file either in .doc or .docx file format. Until Word 2003 version, Word documents were saved with .doc file format. But these days with the enhancing digital technologies, Microsoft has released Word 2007 and Word 2010 version which was armed with .docx file extension and so they are often called as DOCX files. Therefore, a lot of peoples prefer to save their created Word documents in .docx file format as it offers high functionalities in comparison with earlier versions.

As DOCX files are widely used by the users, the only problem with these files which is normally faced by Word file user is data loss. Most of the times, the users won’t be able to access the specific DOCX files as a result of corruption or due to any other cause which could lead to loss of valuable information stored in DOCX file.

Possible situations which results in loss or deletion of DOCX files:

  • There are some reasons like virus attack, Windows errors, invalid registry entries, etc. due to which the Word application may get crash which will not enable the user to access the components stored in the files leading to loss of DOCX files.
  • Deletion of DOCX files by the use of “Shift+delete” keys on Windows computer would lead to complete loss of .docx files. This is because the deleted DOCX file bypasses Recycle Bin and makes you to suffer huge loss of information residing in DOCX files.
  • You might also delete documents from flash drive while moving files between computer and flash drive by the use of cut and paste commands. Document recovery tool will help you to rescue documents from flash drive after deletion just in few clicks of mouse.
  • Abruptly taking out the secondary storage drive such as flash memory card containing some important DOCX files will corrupt the file system of the device. Corrupted file system will inhibit the access to the files resulting in data loss.
  • When you want to re-install your Windows or Mac operating system, it will instruct you to format your hard disk. By following the message if you format your hard drive without taking the backup of stored Word files then you will end up losing all your crucial data.
  • If your operating system malfunctions or any programming errors are generated then this may delete the existing DOCX files along with other files and folders from the hard drive causing data loss.

These were only a few causes for loss of DOCX files. It is advised to follow some basic safety measures like save the DOCX file before closing the Word tool, use reliable UPS to stop abrupt shutdown of the PC, create backup of important .docx files, do not write on the same hard drive space from which you have lost DOCX files in order to preventing overwriting of original data. Even after going through these tips, if you come across any data loss situations then no need to worry as there is one finest and most reliable software which can tackle with all types of data loss scenarios i.e. document recovery tool. Some features of this tool are listed below take a look:

  • Can retrieve more than 300 different file types by making use of their unique file attributes within a fraction of seconds.
  • With this tool you can even recover deleted documents from Mac based system.
  • Using inbuilt scanning algorithm, the tool deeply scans each sector of hard disk in order to locate and recover files.
  • The software allows the user to preview the restored DOCX files before the data recovery process is finished and at any time you can resume the recovery session by using “Save Recovery Session” option.
  • This utility is capable enough to carry out deleted document recovery from HDD with various file systems like FAT, NTFS, EXFAT, HFS+ and HFSX.
  • You can even use this app if your DOCX file is stuck inside a RAW partition. This tool can retrieve RAW partition files within few minutes

Simple steps to restore deleted .docx files:

Step 1: Download and Install the free version of Document Recovery Software on your system. Launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. Once the software gets launched, click on "Recover Files" option from the main window. Then, a list of logical and physical disks available in the system are displayed. Now, choose the drive from where Word .docx files has to be recovered, and click "Scan" button to start the recovery process.

Recover Deleted Document - Main Window

Step 2: Now, the software starts scanning the selected drive to find deleted/lost Word documents. Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed on the screen. You can view the recovered files in "File Type View", and "Data View"

Recover Deleted Document - Recovered Documents

Step 3: Prior saving the recovered files, you can preview the recovered file by double clicking on the respective file or just by right-clicking on the file, and selecting Preview option

Recover Deleted Document - Recovered Documents

Step 4: At last, if you are satisfied with the tool, and found all your deleted Word files, then activate the license key of the tool, and save the recovered files at the location of your choice.

Recover Deleted Document - Recovered Documents

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users