Easy Steps to Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Word Documents on Windows 7

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Have you accidentally deleted documents from your Windows 7 computer? Are you suffering from important data loss, which is needed, for your work? Now you want to know how you can get back those accidentally deleted data on Windows 7 very badly. Losing valuable data is a big headache, especially, when those documents have some financial value or any sentimental value. Many people know that once if any file get deleted you can’t get it back anymore. If you are also one of them who think deleted files cannot be recover then just stop thinking and don’t get frustrated. Recover deleted document tool is always there to make your imagination totally wrong.

Windows 7 is the updated operating system from the family of Microsoft. This operating system has a feature called previous version, which makes copy of your files in a folder and Windows save it as backup. On your Windows 7 computer while you were working may be you have deleted some documents from the recycle bin by mistake. Another accidental scenario can be virus effect. Many spyware, malware and virus can infect the computer and it removes some documents like important Presentations, Word files, Excel data, Photoshp document, etc. from your computer. It can make your system unbootable. Sometime problems occur with hardware device or some driver errors. This type of situations causes data deletion from computer. If you don’t want to lose data from your Windows 7 computer then just don’t forget to keep the backup of your important documents, files and folders. You need to install one updated antivirus software on Windows 7 to protect all documents from virus effect. When all these remedies are not working in case of recovering document files then Recover Deleted Document software is used in case of retrieval of deleted documents on Windows7.

What you need to do after deletion of Word documents if you want to recover them back?

To increase the chances of deleted Word files recovery from Windows 7, then immediately stop using the Windiws 7 drive from where Word files are deleted. If the memory space that was occupied by the Word files before to deletion is replaced with new files, then it's highly impossible to recover them back. So, after accidental deletion of the files, immediately stop using that Windows 7 drive to increase the chances of recovery. Then, utilize reliable Word Document Recovery Software to recover accidentally deleted Word documents on Windows 7.

Deleted Document Recovery - Free Software to Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Documents on Windows 7

This software is capable enough to perform recovery process of deleted files by following exceptional scanning process. During this process, it performs some thorough scan of hard drive. At the time of looking for office document recovery software, be sure that it has excellent capabilities to recover deleted files . It has the ability to retrieve deleted files from other flash drives. This software effectively recovers documents from all Windows Operating system. Moreover, the software can also recover deleted Word files from USB drive, memory card, external hard drive, pen drive, and other popular storage devices.

Steps to retrieve accidentally deleted documents on Windows 7

Step 1: Download and Install the free version of Document Recovery Software on your Windows 7 system. Launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. Once the software gets launched, click on "Recover Files" option from the main window. Then, a list of logical and physical disks available in the system are displayed. Now, choose the drive from where Word file has to be recovered, and click "Scan" button to start the recovery process.

Recover Deleted Document - Main Window

Step 2: Now, the software starts scanning the selected drive to find deleted/lost Word documents. Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed on the screen. You can view the recovered files in "File Type View", and "Data View"

Recover Deleted Document - Recovered Documents

Step 3: Prior saving the recovered files, you can preview the recovered file by double clicking on the respective file or just by right-clicking on the file, and selecting Preview option

Recover Deleted Document - Recovered Documents

Step 4: At last, if you are satisfied with the tool, and found all your deleted Word files, then activate the license key of the tool, and save the recovered files at the location of your choice.

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